Wednesday, August 10, 2011

If I were the head of a television network...

I have decided that there needs to be a game show where blindfolded contestants try to identify a small object (bottle cap, Lego brick, baby porcupine, etc.) by touch alone.  Whoever gets the most right answers is the winner*.

The twist?  Male "assistants" lay the items on a table and drape their ball sacs over them before allowing the contestants to come and touch.   I think the blanket of scrotal skin would make it much more challenging to figure out what, exactly, you're touching.

The name of the show would be...

Wait for it...


Actually, it wouldn't surprise me if the show already existed in Japan.  Probably with a name like Super Fun Sweaty Abdominal Mitten Time.

*The grand prize would be $5,000.00.  The runners-up would win a lifetime supply of hand sanitizer.