Saturday, August 27, 2011

An ode to playing dress-up!

I've been thinking a lot about identity lately...things like how people tend to put on different personae depending on who they're talking to, and how fun it is to wear costumes, and how looking different can make you feel different.  These thoughts drove me to paint a pic of Godzilla in a pink bunny suit last week, and I've continued exploring the theme of identities/disguises today by making a set of 5 paintings of wigs on stands.

I CANNOT take a non-blurry photo lately to save my life.  Not sure what's up with that.

I totally want a red beehive wig now!  And I'd totally wear the black and pink one, too.

It should come as no surprise (to fans of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, anyway) that the following song was stuck in my head the whole time I was painting:

Anyhoo, if you enjoyed my cute paintings of wigs, please check out more of my work in my online gallery and "like" me on Facebook (if you haven't already)!

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