Thursday, August 25, 2011

I made a necklace today!

I'm not just a painter...I also sew (kind of), knit (square or rectangular items), and make jewelry, among other things.  Sometimes* I want a particular kind of accessory or clothing item and can't find it in stores, so I gotta make it happen under my own power, y'know?
Anyhoo, today I made a cute li'l choker and I thought I'd show you guys.

The cartoonish quality of that skull bead makes me keeps the goth-ness of the necklace from taking itself too seriously, which is exactly what I was going for.  If my sense of style could talk, it would say "whoooOOOooooOOooo, spooky!" in a sarcastic voice and then giggle.

*"Sometimes" is a pretty vast understatement.  Every time I try to shop for clothes lately, I feel like I am being offered two stylistic options: 1) underage gothic whore or 2) middle-aged legal secretary.  The age-appropriate clothes bore me to tears, the funky clothes literally don't even cover my whole ass, and there's no midground whatsoever.


  1. wouldn't it be awesome if we could all just walk around naked and dripping with awesome accessories?

  2. When I reached the phrase "naked and dripping" I was thinking that your sentence was gonna go in a very different direction than it ultimately did. :O

    But yeah, I think if you're gonna pile on the accessories you kinda have to be naked, otherwise it's just too much fashion at once.