Monday, May 30, 2011

Shoutout Sunday: MC Mr. Napkins

I have often thought to myself, "Self, I would really like rap music if it didn't mostly seem to be about bitches and hos and getting shot."  I'm not being sarcastic here: I'm a big-time word nerd, and cleverly executed alliteration and/or rhythms and/or rhymes make me weak in the knees.  But as a nerdy girl who grew up in the suburbs, I can't really relate to most rap music; I may think certain songs are well-crafted, but the lyrics don't speak to me.

Enter MC Mr. Napkins (aka Zach Sherwin), who raps about subjects non-gangstas can appreciate: things like bizarre childhood toys, smoothies, and an overly aggressive bee!

I have seriously watched the Aggressive Bee on YouTube so many times that I can recite 80% of the lyrics by heart (if you knew how senile I am you'd recognize the significance of this).  Also (and this is not relevant to anything), gosh is he cute.  Reminds me a bit of The Boy only, y'know...less manscaped (I could eat lunch off The Boy's fact I think I'll do that later.  Anyway...).

MC Mr. Napkins' first album, The Album, is currently available on iTunes.  His official website (where you can see pictures of him, watch his videos, learn where he'll be performing next, etc.) is here.

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  1. holy shit, that's awesome. i posted it wildly on facebook.

    there's a hip-hop artist stationed out of seattle that i really like that you might enjoy. his name is astronautalis, and he does beautiful, eloquent hip-hop. my favorite song: