Saturday, May 7, 2011

Caturday: a Birch of One's Own

I love distinctive-looking cats - especially ones with asymmetrical face-blobs.  Back when I was shopping for a cat, Birch was at the top of my list of potentials, but there was also another strong contender (who I never ended up meeting because Birch was love at first sight): Maggie.

She's practically Birch's twin, but with green eyes instead of blue!

The other day I got curious about Maggie and went to the Toronto Cat Rescue's website to see if she's still there - and she is.  You guys, I got Birchy almost two freaking years ago and poor Maggie is still in a foster home waiting for a permanent family!

Part of me really wants to adopt her: I feel sad that she's been up for grabs for so long, plus she and Birch would make the most adorable matching set, like kitty salt-and-pepper shakers.  And her personality profile makes her sound like pretty much the perfect kitty: even-tempered, a bit of a "talker" but not constantly meowing, a lovely balance of affectionate yet independent.

But...when I really think about it, I shouldn't get a second kitty.  I mean, duh, I'm not even working right now!  And the apartment is small, and Birchy, although wonderful, can be frustrating sometimes when I'm trying to paint delicate outlines on a piece of artwork and he's headbutting my hand.  Two cats would probably be just way too damn chaotic.

In conclusion: if you live in (or can get to) Toronto, Ontario, and you want a she-Birch of your very own, PLEASE click here to learn more about Maggie!  Adopt her before I swoop in, save the day, and maybe get myself in a little bit over my  head.  Save Maggie from orphanhood and save me from myself!

Thank you. :)

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