Monday, May 30, 2011

My latest little obsession.

I love painting food.  Partly, I love the challenge: not only am I trying to create the illusion of depth and texture on a flat surface, I'm also trying to create the illusion of deliciousness.  The other big reason I love painting food is that I loooove food - not in a gourmet, "foodie" kind of way, but in the pure and uncomplicated manner of a six-year-old - and in recent years I've discovered a bunch of food sensitivities that prevent me from eating most of my favourite things.

One thing I miss?  Sugar cereal.  Hell, I even miss "healthy" cereals.  I'd pretty much shiv a baby in the head for a big bowl of raisin bran right now, you don't even know.  I also miss canned pasta a lot (I told you I have the appetite of a 6-year-old).

How am I grieving my losses, you ask?  By painting the things I can't have.  I'm not sure why it makes me feel better, but it kind of does.

The rightmost paintings are probably my favourites because they're true: I did used to love when my cereal made the milk change colour, and I did used to save the marshmallows in marshmallowy cereal for last (by which time the milk would have partially dissolved them into a sweet, chewy foam...*droooool...*).  As for the bottom-left painting, well, I can't say that bran cereal ever made a noticeable difference in my pooping habits, but other people tell me it works for them so I took a leap of faith with that one.

Tangent: all of a sudden, I've become surprisingly good at lettering.  I'm not sure when that happened.  My writing on paintings has always tended to get bigger and bigger as the sentence went on and I'd have to redo it, but these all came out pretty awesome on the first try.  Disclaimer: I'm not coming up with the different writing styles out of my head or anything; I type each phrases in Word first, put it in a fancy font, and copy that.  But the fact remains that I'm doing it freehand, just by eyeballing the computer screen and then eyeballing the canvas.  And I'm proud of my work.

Sometime soon I'll have to do a painting of Kraft Dinner with cut-up hot dogs and ketchup all over it.  I'm salivating a bit at the very thought.

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