Friday, February 25, 2011

How to Feel Both Epic and Mighty!

I've never read a Harry Potter book.  I have nothing against them, I'm just not that interested/never got around to it/whatever.

But I have discovered that it's fun to mentally put events in my life in the form of Harry Potter titles.  Observe!

Harry Potter and the Useless Cat
Harry Potter and the Terrible Ad Campaign
Harry Potter and the Uppity Camwhore 
Harry Potter and the Vomit-Filled Shoes

Harry Potterization turns even the most banal "life moments" into epic tales of adventure and derring-do.  I highly recommend it.  It works even better if you say the titles out loud in kind of a James Earl  Jones voice while imagining dramatic music in the background.


  1. That's a great idea! But I think you could make it even better by using your own first name adding a really overdramatic last name. E.g.,
    Meredith Darkphoenix and the Crinkling Cacophony.

  2. I love this in theory, but in practice it sounds less grandiose to me because it's my name (or a variation thereof). The name Harry Potter comes with a fan base, notoriety, etc.

    I need to hear more people say my name with the same kind of reverence, I think. :D

  3. But Meredith is a cool name! Harry is fine but lacks drama; Meredith has lots of drama. Maybe you just need a better last name than Darkphoenix. Perhaps Meredith Stormbringer?

    Does it say bad things about me that since I read the phrase "Harry Potter and the Uppity Camwhore" I've been thinking of somewhat off titles?

    Harry Potter and the Golf Ball in the Garden Hose
    Harry Potter and the Punishing Paddle
    Harry Potter and the Firm yet Yielding Parts

    Well, I should go walk my dogs. Charles Ironkeep and the Lake of Mud.