Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hilariously, my fortune cookie paintings are actually BRINGING me good fortune!

My "Find Your Happy Place" fortune cookie painting has been featured in not one, but two treasuries today!  I feel very treasured indeed!

The first treasury is called Follow the Rabbit (which makes me think of Alice in Wonderland but actually refers to it being the Year of the Rabbit in Chinese astrology).  When you've finished looking at the adorable Asian- and/or rabbit-themed items in the treasury, do swing by curator LizzieJoeDesigns' store - you'll find home decor items made of wine corks!  It would not have occurred to me to make wreaths and bulletin boards out of wine corks, but this store has them and they're really cool!  They have a geometric quality to them that reminds me of Lego.  Mmmm Lego...

The other treasury I'm in today is called -appropriately enough - Happy Chinese New Year! and features (among other lovely things), this clay brooch that's a dead ringer for an actual fortune cookie.  I don't know why, but realistic-looking fake food always draws my eye. :)  The curator, Zwzzy, sells vintage clothing - the pink satin ballet slippers in her store gave me a strong and unexpected pang of nostalgia (I wasn't a ballerina when I was younger, or in fact physically coordinated in any way...but I wanted to be a ballerina.  Oh yes I did.  A floofy pink princess of a ballerina!).

Thanks so much for including me, guys! :)

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