Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shoutout Sunday: Casey Stratton

I discovered Casey Stratton when I was randomly browsing YouTube for Tori Amos covers.  I stumbled over this video and was blown away at Caseys dead on Tori Amos impression (at first I thought he must be lipsynching...but he's not!).  I get goosebumps every freaking time.
Well, you know me - I'm obsessed with gender-bending in all its wonderful forms.  So clearly I had to look up everything I could about this man with the angelic female voice - and I discovered that he sings original songs, too!  His true singing voice is different from his deliberately Tori-fied voice - maybe a little more androgynous-sounding than female-sounding - but no less beautiful.  I bought his album Standing at the Edge on iTunes and it's just so, so lovely.  I listen to it while I paint and the melodies seem to fill up my heart and come flowing off my paintbrush.

And shame on me for being so superficial but I have to say it: I think Casey is really, really cute. :D

You can (and should!) purchase Casey's music directly right here.

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