Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tons of new stuff in my Artfire store!

Remember how I said I was starting to come out of my latest anxiety/paralysis thingy and get shit done?  Since then I've listed TWENTY new items in my Artfire store.  BOO-YAH!

I'm not going to show you each individual thing (like I usually do when I list a new painting) 'cause that all that copying/pasting/linking is just way too much work.  But here's a quick little sample screenshot to tempt your eyeballs and pique your curiosity:

I've also added a new section in the store called "Androgyny and Kink".  So far there are five paintings in there: three of The Boy's pouty, sexy lips in shiny dark purple lipstick, one painting of a skull and crossdongs* that says "Ass Pirate" on it, and the BDSM robot you may remember from that one Zazzle holiday card I made.  Stay tuned because there are more kinky and androgynous paintings on the way!  I will not rest until I have painted The Boy's fine ass in a pair of panties and forced everyone I know to look at it and acknowledge its hotness**.

*Not a typo. :)
**My life goals are...different from other people's.