Saturday, November 5, 2011

A naughty holiday card by yours truly!

Okay, I admit it, for the past couple of months I've kinda let my Zazzle store fall by the wayside as I focused on filling my Artfire store with original work.  But the other day I got an idea for a painting that just had to become a holiday card...annnnnd voila!  
A very happy snowman card

Yup, it's a snowman with a carrot "erection".  Classy!  

Also!  Did you know that Zazzle products can be CUSTOMIZED?  You can totally add your own caption or greeting on top of the snowman picture!  The inside of the card says "May your holiday season explode with joy!" but you can easily change or delete this, too, if you want.  

I should also probably mention that Zazzle gives bulk discounts - and you don't have to buy identical items to get a discount, just the same kind of item!  So, for instance, if you bought ten snowman-with-a-carrot-penis cards you'd save 50 cents per card, even if you customized each one for a different pervert in your life.*  

Anyhoo, I hope you guys like this card.  I may be adding more designs soon; the ideas for amusing snow-people just keep on coming!

*Or you could get the discount by buying one of my snowman cards and then nine cards from other Zazzle sellers, but that's crazy talk.


  1. .... that is freaking brilliant. D:

  2. Thanks! I'm happy with how his expression came out - he's reeeeally enjoying showing off the goods. :D

  3. my husband saw this (i shared it on facebook :D ) and he said 'that is the best christmas card ever.' and he usually gives zero fucks about anything christmas, so yeah :D