Thursday, November 3, 2011

Conversational Snippet #18: BOYS ARE WHERE COOTIES COME FROM.

Boy: Do you wanna join me in this bath?

Me [wincing]: I...can't do that. It grosses me out.

Boy: But we've bathed together before...

Me: Yeah, but I was always in the bathtub first, so that makes it okay; my germs neutralize your germs.  If you're in there first, your body taints the water, turning it into a hot, festering stew of dirt, skin cells, and microorganisms, and I can't bring myself to get in there with you. I realize that this only makes sense in my head.

Boy [completed unfazed and unoffended]: Okay then.

When it comes to weirdo obsessions charming idiosyncracies, this bathtub thing is just the tip of my particular iceberg.  I think even the most well-adjusted person in the world has at least one or two weird quirksthough.  Tell me yours!


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(This is a painting of sugar cereal!  The caption says: I always save the marshmallows 'til the end.)


  1. my odd quirk? i can't touch cotton balls. touching them sends a violent cringe through my entire body- i hate it. my husband thinks it's funny to chase me around the house wielding a cotton ball. i do not find it amusing.

  2. @Jet: I'd pay money to see that!

  3. Aw, that's so mean of your husband to exploit your squicky feelings like that!

    I used to know someone who was the same way with velvet - couldn't stand to touch it. My own textural issues are with things that squeak, like lightly cooked green beans when I chew them or dry snow under my boots. GAH.