Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Because inappropriately-placed root vegetables are funny.

ATTENTION, PERVERTS OF THE INTERNET: you can now buy ornaments on Zazzle featuring my painting of an aroused snowman!

Very happy snowman ornament ornament
Very happy snowman ornament by SheSaidPop

These ceramic ornaments are super-cool because they can be printed on both sides!  I've left one side blank so you can customize it with words or pictures if you'd like*.  I'd also like to point out that these ornaments aren't only for your Christmas tree - they'd also look stylin' hanging from your rear-view mirror, living room ficus, or anything else on which you could conceivably hang a decorative object.  Be creative!

The ornaments also come in other shapes and styles: just go to the Zazzle listing, click the orange "Customize it!" button, and click on "choose your style" to see the wide range of awesomeness available to you!

*Some suggestions to get you started: 
Christmas 2011
May your holiday season explode with joy!
Someone sure does love winter...
Who wants cream of carrot soup?

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