Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gay disco Christmas extravaganza!!!!

I've made another snowman-themed holiday card on Zazzle!  This one has six snowmen dressed as disco divas/gay icons The Village People.  The front says "Don we now our gay apparel" and the inside says "Wishing you a very Mary Christmas!" but those are just suggestions, really - you can feel free to delete the text or change it to something else.

In fact, since the gay disco snowmen themselves are not inherently Christmasy, you can make this card suit lots of different occasions just by changing up the text.  And if you buy more than ten cards, you get a pretty sweet bulk discount.

p.s. Painting these Village People snowmen has taught me an important life lesson: it's fucking hard to paint tiny little mustaches and hats.  I hope you appreciate what I go through in order to make you nice things.  *Sniff*


  1. aach i love it. what is it with you? why do i love everything you make? it's suspicious. you're not reading my mind, are you? O.o

  2. Of course not! Don't be silly.

    *Surreptitiously nudges mind-reading machine under the bed with her foot*