Friday, October 7, 2011

Robots and mermaids and DOS, oh my!

I've listed a new robot painting in my Artfire store!
It's a "merbot" - a mermaid/robot hybrid!  Isn't she beautiful? (Click here for the full listing.)
The caption along the merbot's side, "c:\creature", is a sort of double entendre that references the DOS operating system and the phrase "sea creature" at the same time.  Blame my dad for this - in my formative years (and well before Windows was invented), he worked as a computer programmer.  My squishy young mind absorbed the ambient nerdiness in our household like a sponge and I grew up to be the kind of person who makes DOS and BASIC puns, even though I've never worked as a software developer myself.

Anyhoo, if you love this painting, head on over to my store and buy it - or browse the 40+ other items I have for sale in case there's something you love even more!  And don't forget to enter the code SHESAIDPOPBLOG at checkout to get 15% off (offer valid until December 31, 2011).


  1. holy crap, i need to show this to my dad. he was a programmer, too, same era.

  2. Oh cool! Let me know if it amuses him. :D

    There's also a computer joke of sorts in my painting of the BDSM robot, but it's possible you're not on a "showing pictures of kinky robots with a flogger for a hand" basis with your dad...

  3. I love this one! I liked the computer humor in the BDSM one too, but the infinite flogging loop concept was kind of scary.

  4. Well, in fairness the BDSMulator is a stationary, floor-mounted model - so when you're done being beaten you can scootch out from under. :D