Monday, October 17, 2011

Apparently, Sylar only makes waffles for the boys.

The Boy informed me via Facebook today that actor Zachary Quinto - famous to nerds everywhere for his roles in Heroes and the recent Star Trek movie - is gay.

The remarks about chicken noises and Chicken Ladies are a reference to some old Kids in the Hall comedy sketches, by the way. You can watch this video to fully understand the joke if you want to, but the gist is that the mental picture of Zachary Quinto gettin' it on with dudes is appealing to me, and The Boy knew it would be.  Finally: an indication that Zachary is doing the horizontal mambo with guys in real life and not just in my badly written Star Trek slash fiction*!

All lechery aside, I have to say that the closet is a terrible place to live and I'm genuinely happy to see Quinto come out and live a freer, more open life.  Maybe young, unhappy LGBT folks will be inspired by him (and other out-and-famous people, of course) and realize that it really does get better.

*I'm kidding!  I don't actually write bad Star Trek slashfic.  I write exquisite Star Trek slashfic.  Young Spock/Spock Prime anachronistic pseudo-twincest FTW!***

**I'm still kidding.  Nimoy is way too old to make my tribble purr.


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