Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another super-classy painting by yours truly.

A few days ago, my friend Izzy posted on Facebook that she'd just watched a butterfly land on her window...and poop on it.  Some of the responses indicated surprise or disbelief that butterflies poop, which struck me as rather silly.  We all know that butterfllies eat, after all, and the waste products have to come out somewhere.

I decided to remind people that just because a creature is pretty and delicate doesn't mean it's immune to the basic facts of biology.  And so, I painted this:

This painting hasn't been varnished yet but when I do I'm gonna add glitter to all the pink parts.  GLITTER, motherfuckers!  Yeah.

I also coined the phrase "butterflyarrhea" (butterfly + diarrhea) because according to Izzy, the poop was so liquid that it ran down the windowpane.  Butterflyarrhea would make such an awesome band name...and since I'm not a musician and Izzy already has a name for her band (which you should totally check out, btw, especially if you love gothy, ambient-type music), I guess that word is up for grabs!  If you form a band called "Butterflyarrhea," please let me know immediately so that I can squeal with joy and tell all my friends.  Thank you.

Oh, and here's a hilarious video that also explodes the "too pretty to have bodily functions" myth.  Every time I watch it, I laugh so hard my stomach hurts.  I hope it has that effect on you, too!

And I'm sure you already guessed this but yeah, I do act basically just like the chick in the video*.  Except I don't jog.

*Don't judge me!  You don't know what The Boy does back.  He is heinous, dude.  There are no words.


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