Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Artfire store now has 50 items!

...And I still have a bunch more paintings yet to list, if you can believe that!  I've been busy since I quit my day job back in April. :)

The latest piece I've uploaded to my store is a tribute to my friends in the LGBT community:

Pink!  Glitter!  Rainbow colours!  There's so much fabulousness here that it practically explodes out of the canvas and hits you in the eye (and I heard that can really sting, so be careful!).  Plus, at a mere 4"x4" in size, this painting can add flamboyance to even the tiniest apartment nook - whether it's the wall above your feather boa collection or that little empty bit of shelf space next to your Indigo Girls CD box set.

And until December 31st, you can enter the code SHESAIDPOPBLOG at checkout to get 15% off!  (Not just off this particular painting; I mean 15% off your entire first purchase from my store, no matter what you buy or how much you spend.)  Huzzah!

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