Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Conversational Snippet #17: Oh HA HA I just got that.

The Boy and I are watching Star Trek fan-made music videos on YouTube.

Boy: The cast of the original Trek must've gotten so many weird injuries over the course of the, I know all the main actors have tintinitus now...

Me: "Tinnitus."  Tintinitus is the compulsion to plaster one's hair forward, leaving a cowlick at the front. How did they get tinnitus?

Boy: Because of all the explosions and stuff.  [Long pause]  ...Shut the fuck up.

By the way, if you understood my joke without having to click either of the links, we totally have to be best friends.  It's non-negotiable.  I'll be showing up at your house any minute now with gluten-free cookies and a bucket of Legos.

Okay, watch this now!


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  1. Actually, Shatner does have Tinnitus.

    Just bring the cookies. The cats would run off with the legos.

  2. Fine, but if we can't bond via lego then Imma make us wear dorky matching t-shirts instead. Also, we'll have a secret handshake!

  3. I got it; but I haven't read any original Tintin, I just vaguely remember what he looks like.

    You can bring the Legos, the dogs are reasonably biddable. Some of the things I've made with Legos include a six-legged thing that could walk forward or backwards (but not turn), a miniature functioning lawnmower (using XActo blades), and a weed puller like a tiny crane that required about five minutes per weed.

  4. Sir, I bow to your superior Lego prowess!

    Truth be told I haven't played with Lego since I was a kid...and back then I mostly made houses and pixelated horsies. :D

    But if I had Lego now, I'd probably aim for something closer to this: