Monday, June 13, 2011

Thanks, H&M!

As a girl who is both tall and leggy, I have officially given up on panty hose.  "Regular size" panty hose are a joke on me* - I can barely get them past my knees. "Extra tall" is apparently made for someone my height but with no ass or thigh meat whatsoever, and "queen size" fits my legs and hips but I can literally pull the waistband up to my armpits (and since I don't want panty hose with a built-in tube top, I would always have to roll the top part down into a thick elastic sausage/tourniquet thing around my waist.  Sexy!).

Anyway.  Today I was at H&M and saw that they had "leggings" made of sheer black leopard-print fabric.  These were packaged like panty hose, and hanging on the same rack as the panty hose, but they came in normal clothing sizes instead of "one size fits either a fat hobbit or an eight-foot-tall skeleton and if your body type is anything between those two extremes, you're screwed".

I took a chance on a pair in size 12 (for $18 or so) and I'm happy to report that they're actually big enough!  Also - and I never expected this in a million years - they're long enough.  My inseam is about 34" and these fuckers go right to my ankles.  Even my shortest pair of boots will still cover the bottoms of them!  I can look like I'm wearing patterned tights, just like normal people!  Yay!!! 

So, tall but curvaceous chicks take note: H&M sometimes has legwear that will fit you.  I'm definitely gonna check back periodically for more pseudo-tights in my size!

*But perfect on The Boy.  The little bitch can even fit into one-size-fits-all dollar store stuff.  I always wondered who one-size-fits-all pantyhose was meant for, and now I know: an average-height man with thighs the size of my forearm.

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