Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More adventures in tv-watching

I saw a commercial today for a credit card with your choice of custom photo: you could have a credit card where the whole background of the card is a picture of your kids or your dog or whatever.

You might assume that if I were to get such a card, I'd use a picture of lingerie-clad Boy drizzled with maple syrup, but no*.  I'd opt for a nice G-rated photo of myself...holding a sign that says, "If someone other than me tries to use this card, please call the authorities immediately."

What can I say?  I'm a practical gal. 

*Those pictures** are for t-shirts, mugs, and Christmas cards.

**I'm kidding; I don't actually have any photos of The Boy drizzled with maple syrup.  But now I totally want some.  And also I just made myself crave pancakes, which I can't have because they contain gluten, so I guess the joke's on me. :(


  1. The boy, on the other hand, contains no gluten...

  2. You make a compelling and sexy point! :D