Thursday, June 16, 2011

Old-School Tattoo Art!

I suppose you're wondering just what I spent yesterday painting.  Well, for quite some time I've been wanting to do some paintings inspired by old-school tattoos.  I made three (one of which I haven't scanned yet) and started a fourth, bigger one as well.  Here are the two that I scanned:

(The third one is just a heart with a banner going diagonally across it and nothing else.)

Actually, these aren't quite finished; as you might have guessed, I'm planning to paint words on the banners*.  I scanned the paintings with the banners blank so I could Photoshop a few different versions to put on Zazzle merchandise.  In fact, I've just made a Zazzle keychain and necklace with the following image (go see!):

What phrases would you like to see 'shopped into the blank paintings?  Give me your ideas!  I'm open to all kinds of suggestions, whether they're funny, profound or profane.  Just remember that the phrase has to be fairly short in order to fit into the allotted space.

*...when I started these paintings I knew what each one would say, but then I got some alternate ideas and now I'm having a hard time choosing.

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