Monday, January 23, 2012

Some Lovely Cards For the Person You're Dating and/or Boning.

I decided I should stock my Zazzle store with mushy and/or naughty cards for Valentine's Day!  The first two cards that I made both have the same ice cream cone painting on the front, but different messages.  There's this one, which to me is a romantic/relationshippy card with a silly twist:
You're like ice cream... card
You're like ice cream... by SheSaidPop

...The punchline on the inside is: "...You're incredibly cool, amazingly sweet, and I'd like to bury my face in you."


Then I made this card, which is aimed more at a friends-with-benefits* sort of situation:
Naughty double-scoop ice cream cone card
Naughty double-scoop ice cream cone by SheSaidPop

The inside of this one simply says, "I enjoy dry-humping you."  (Annnnnnnnnnd suddenly that vanilla scoop's smile looks a lot less innocent, am I right?)

But seriously, I believe it was etiquette columnist Miss Manners who said that when someone gives you a delightful evening of crotch-friction and mingled saliva, you should give them a nice thank you...and since most of us don't have the time to compose a hand-written letter, I've graciously provided this quick and tasteful alternative.  

As always, these are customizable and you can totally delete my words and put in something else if you want.

By the way, if you like that image of the ice cream cone, the original 4"x6" painting is for sale in my Artfire store!  Click here to go to the listing.

*I'll almost certainly be making more "friends with benefits"-type cards in the future.  There's a whole lot of ground between "friends" and "life partners" that your standard greeting card simply does not address, and I intend to fill that void.  Repeatedly.**


***I am secretly twelve.

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