Sunday, January 22, 2012

Caturday: and Now For Something Completely Different

So as I've mentioned, with The Boy and I both home on a full-time basis, I never know what the hell day it is anymore.  I spent all of Saturday happily painting, and then just after midnight I realized it was Caturday and I was like

...but then I realized that the painting I finished today is tenuously cat-related and I was like 


And that's why this week's slightly late Caturday post is a 6"x12" painting of a hot Asian boy wearing kitty ears.

True story.


Valentine's Day is coming up!  If you need a gift for your sweetie, might I humbly suggest this Flying Heart necklace from my Zazzle store?  It's sterling plated and the picture is gorgeously vibrant and when you hand it to your special someone, you can say "I'm giving this to you 'cause this is how my heart feels when I'm with you."  And then you'll probably get laid a whole lot because that is a killer line. 
You give my heart wings necklace
You give my heart wings by SheSaidPop
(It comes in a round version, too, if that's what turns your crank.)


  1. mmff. i do love my guys lithe and skinny. i was lucky enough to marry one of them (with long hair, at that!) glad i'm not the only one who appreciates their prettiness :3

  2. High five on our excellent taste in guys! *Slap*