Friday, January 20, 2012

In Praise of Skinny Men

Y'know the lower back "dimples" a lot of people have?  I have recently realized that they are actually the spot where a person's ass-muscles meet their back muscles.  Each ass-cheek is roughly teardrop-shaped, and the muscles around the lower spine are kinda V-shaped, so they dovetail - with a little dent in-between.

I didn't learn this from an anatomy textbook, by the way.  I learned it by ogling The Boy, who is so slender that I can clearly see every single muscle (and most of the tendons, and many of the bones) on his body.  I've learned more about how the human body is built from watching him walk around naked than I ever did from the anatomical diagrams in art class.  He is truly an artist's dream come true.

But also?  He's my dream come true.  I've been attracted to greyhound-skinny dudes for as long as I can remember, and The Boy is a perfect example of my ideal physical "type".  You guys, when I wrap my hand around his ankle my finger and thumb touch.  MRRRRRROWWWWR.

Anyhoo.  For quite some time now I've been planning to paint a series of "pin-up boys" - that is, men striking typically female poses (and sometimes wearing typically female clothes, too).  These men will of course be skinny and slightly effeminate, because if I'm gonna spend ten hours painting something I want it to be fun for me.  The "pin-up boy" concept is my way of playing around with gender roles and hopefully inspiring some discussion.  It's also my way of of addressing the distinct lack of hot, objectifying images of guys in pop culture*.

I finished the first painting in the series yesterday.  Naturally, The Boy was my model.  Ever wondered what he looks like (naked)?  Here you go:

Normally he's not so red, though.  Or horny.

I should be painting more pin-up boys really soon.  And, once I figure out the best way to photograph these paintings (this one is 8"x10"), I'll put them up for sale in the "Androgyny and Kink" section of my Artfire store...and post here to let you know they're up!

So, if you dig pictures of skinny, twinky, androgynous boys striking submissive poses for your pleasure...keep an eye on this space. :D

*Read: "I can't find porn that suits my needs so I'm gonna make my own."


  1. I feel that I successfully captured The Boy's aura of sexy evil sexiness. :D