Friday, January 13, 2012

Love is Weird; Futurama is AWESOME.

Sometimes, The Boy and I will be watching TV and something spookily relevant happens on-screen.  It might be a character displaying one of my bizarre distinctive personal habits, it might be a couple having a discussion similar to one that he and I have had before - whatever.  And when he sees something on TV that reminds him of me/us, The Boy leans into my field of vision with a smugly triumphant "GUESS WHAT I'M THINKING RIGHT NOW" face and stares at me like that until I acknowledge him.

So a while ago we're watching Futurama together and one of the supporting characters (an enormous lizard-ish alien) uses the endearment "Gigantums" on his wife.  And out of the corner of my eye I see this:

I knew he was gonna do that.  This is what I get for being about four inches taller and thirty pounds heavier than he is. :D

But!  By a crazy coincidence, just a few days later we were watching The Big Bang Theory and one of the main characters (Sheldon) called another one (Leonard) a "homunculus" - explaining that this is "a small, perfectly formed human being" (you can see it here at approximately the 1:40 mark if you're interested).  And thus I got to sloooowly lean over and make a SmugFace of my own.

And that is why The Boy and I now call each other "Gigantums" and "My Little Homunculus," respectively.


Speaking of love...Valentine's Day is coming up soon, and nothing makes a more touching and thoughtful gift for that special someone than an original painting of a skull and crossdildos with the caption ASS PIRATE.  Oh hey - I happen to sell one of those in my Artfire store!!!!!1!!  Duuuude you should totally get on that!

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