Thursday, July 28, 2011

In Which The Boy and I Fall Off the Gender Binary

The Boy came into the kitchen tonight to prepare dinner with me.  He'd thrown his gray plaid hoodie on to shield him from the arctic chill in there (the kitchen window is the only viable place to put our air conditioner).  Underneath the hoodie, he wore the pink nightie I'd bought him back when we were first going out.  The juxtaposition of masculine and feminine garments amused me so I smirked and said "Nice ensemble."

"Right back atcha," The Boy replied...and only then did I realize I was wearing the top half of my pink penguin pajamas with a pair of men's boxer briefs.  I mean, I know what clothes I was wearing; I'd just forgotten that boxer briefs are technically for dudes.

There's not really a point to this anecdote.  I just enjoy how completely The Boy and I complement each other.  He's the ruffled pink yin to my enormous, throbbing yang. :D

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