Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shoutout Sunday: Dorion Scott

This weekend, The Boy and I and another friend went to the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, held in the park outside City Hall.  There were tons of amazing artists there, but my personal favourite had to be Dorion Scott.

Dorion Scott's work is clean and dramatic, and also big - I think the pieces at the exhibition were all around 36"x48".  While the style of the paintings is realistic, the content is surreal (black butterflies nailed to a wall; a raven in flight, holding the string of a little gold key in its beak) - making me think of a gothic Rene Magritte*.

If I had a) an income and b) any wall space whatsoever, I would so purchase an original Dorion Scott for my very own.  As it is, I'll have to content myself with ogling the beautiful work on Scott's website and blog...and making sure everyone I know is aware of this amazing artist!

*Magritte is one of the only artists I remember from high school art history class.  I remember him because his paintings totally rocked my world!  You may know him as "that guy with the apples".

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