Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shoutout Sunday: Monster Kookies

"Monster Kookies" is the perfect brand name for artist Kimberly Hart's wares.  Her wonderful polymer clay jewelry, magnets, and sculptures often take the form of baked goods, creepy creatures, or a hybrid of both!  I'd be remiss, though, if I didn't mention all the gorgeous steampunk-themed stuff as well! 

Venture into the Monster Kookies Etsy store and you'll find yourself in a magical land where mechanical animals roam the earth and fanged cupcakes eat you.  The detail on each piece is truly incredible - I myself am the proud owner of a custom-made Industrial Heart necklace, and although I saw perfectly accurate photos of the finished piece ahead of time, the real thing still blew me away! 

Lately I've been drooling over the incredibly realistic cake slices.  I'd wonder how she got that perfect crumbly cakey texture on the sides, but chances are Kim's actually provided the answer for me on her blog or Deviant Art site and I just haven't found it yet!  She's not shy at all about sharing trade secrets, and why should she be?  It's not like any random person who knows how to mix polymer clay "frosting" would be able to open their own store and compete.  To be on a level playing field with Monster Kookies you'd also need great ideas, lots of talent, an eye for detail, and stellar customer service skills - and those things can't be taught!

The Monster Cookies Etsy store is here.  You might also want to visit the Monster Kookies website, Deviant Art page, or blog, or show your support by "liking" Monster Kookies on Facebook!

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