Friday, September 16, 2011

Photography for Total Amateurs

Remember those few posts where I posted pics of paintings and they were blurry and I was like, "Why can't I take a good picture lately?!"

Turns out I should've been using the "macro" setting on my camera (the button with the picture of a flower on it) for every single picture . I always knew that macro mode is for closeups, mind you - I just didn't realize how camera manufacturers define "closeup".  The Boy says that in this case, "closeup" means "a metre away or less."  Personally I think that a metre away is not all that close unless you're photographing a mountain or building, but whatever, now I know.

Apparently, this is a "closeup".

Another problem I have is that the act of depressing the shutter button actually jiggles the camera, giving the resulting picture motion blur.  The other day while taking product photos I noticed that it helps a bit to turn the camera sideways - it tricks my brain into thinking that I'm squeezing the button in rather than pushing it down, if that makes any sense.  And The Boy suggested I set the camera to a 2-second delay so the camera would take the pic after I pressed the button, which is also an excellent idea.

Seems like it helped to slowly breathe in while pressing the button, too.  And of course to have eaten well before these photo sessions because when I'm hungry or having a sugar-crash, I tend to get the shakes.

So the real question was never "why do my photos suck lately?" but rather, "how did I ever manage to get half-decent photos at all?!"

Anyway, if you're an artist or craftsperson trying to take photos of your work, maybe some of these tips will help you, too.


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