Sunday, September 18, 2011

Caturday: I Wouldn't Call Him HIGHLY Functional...

I was reading the Wikipedia article on Asperger Syndrom recently and a few of the symptoms seemed...familiar.

Like, for instance, accidentally infringing on other people's boundaries because one is inefficient at picking up on social cues...

...And focusing extremely intensely on a limited and specific range of interests...

...and being physically uncoordinated.

So...yeah.  I think Birch may have some sort of autism cattism spectrum disorder.

...I'm kidding, obviously - I'm not sure cat brains are complex enough to even have something like Asperger's.  But it amuses me how easy it is to "diagnose" Birch with various things...I bet if I analyzed his behaviour enough I could find evidence of all kinds of mental issues, from clinical depression to sociopathy.  Maybe I'll do a series of Caturday posts like that - a new condition every week.  What do you think?


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  1. At least cats are funny when they exhibit these behaviours! bv

  2. There's a book - by Terry Pratchet, I think - where a character remarks that if cats didn't have fur you'd see them for the ugly frog-like buggers they really are.

    I can't really disagree with this. I definitely forgive Birch for a lot of jerkish behaviour just 'cause he's cute. :D

  3. Indeed, cute people and animals get a lot of breaks. bv

  4. ah yes. my kitties also enjoy accompanying me on my trips to the bathroom. my little female enjoys walking through and overturning all my trays of seed beads when i'm beading something, usually with a sweet-sounding 'myoow oww?' and a smily-blink. my big huge fat male settles his entire 25-lb mass on my chest (and thus lungs) when he decides it's time for me to be awake (and feed him).

    what does it say about us, though... the ones that love and feed and provide for these creatures? i try not to think about it.

  5. Awww, Jet, you get smiley-blinks? I'm so jealous! I read that when cats blink at you it's the feline equivalent of blowing a kiss - but I've never noticed Birch do it. Not even when I slowly and ostentatiously blink at him first.

    My nickname for Birch is "life-ruiner" because of all the times he's jumped directly onto one of my projects or into my supplies, looking for attention. But I say it in a mushy voice, usually while cradling him in my arms and kissing his big dumb cat face. :D