Saturday, September 24, 2011

Caturday: Cat Lesson #1.

I cared for several friends' kitties before getting one of my own (actually, the catsitting helped me realize I was ready for one of my own!).  My cat experiences have taught me many things, both about cats and about myself.  And today I figured, why not share these pearls of wisdom on my blog?  This post is labeled #1 because it's the first in the series, but the memories themselves are in no particular order.  I'm just posting whatever comes to mind.

So anyway.  Birch taught me that I can't stand it when my lips and nostrils are wet.  How did a cat teach me this?  Because I never noticed my compulsive habit of drying off my mouth and nose first thing out of the shower...until I started living with a fluffy cat who likes to sleep on towels.

Hey, I never said these lessons would be useful.  I only said that they happened. :D


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