Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Conversational Snippet #19: No Me Gusta

The Boy and I are walking home from the grocery store.

Me: Is...is that ice cream truck playing La Cucaracha?!*

Boy: Oh my god, it is!  That is totally an 8-bit** version of La Cucaracha.

Me: Maybe they've had a bunch of health code violations and they're trying to subtly warn us.

Boy: Maybe!

Me [in a cheesy "little kid" voice]"Gosh, Mister, this ice cream is great!  What are these crunchy bits?"

Boy: *Gags*

Me: BAH HA HA HA I WIN!!!!!!!!

*It's this song.  "Cucaracha" is Spanish for cockroach.

**8-bit music is basically what all the 80s video games had.  Very simple, plinky-and-beepy-sounding synthesizer tunes. Now people sometimes cover more recent music in that style for fun.  It's kind of awesome.

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