Thursday, July 5, 2012

Some recent paintings.

I've finished a couple of paintings over the last month or two, and I just realized I forgot to post 'em here.  So, strap yourself in and prepare for some eye candy!

I thought I'd let you guys have a rare look at a work in progress.  I feel weirdly exposed showing you a raw half-finished painting, but it's also kind of cool to see all that semi-realistic detail fading away to solid blocks of colour.  Or at least, I think it's cool.  Maybe you will, too.

So anyway, here's a picture I took midway through my most recent painting - a shark/merman/businessman type guy that I finished mere hours ago.

I'm sure you're probably heartbroken by the lack of abdominal muscles.  Don't worry, he gets them eventually!  Tons and tons of them, actually.  I just saved them for last because they're my favourite bit to paint.  It's like the dude's face, arms and tail are my "veggies" and once I've finished those, I get to reward myself with a big ol' sixpack of "dessert."

Yeah, that's right, I'm objectifying this hot corporate merman.  I'm objectifying the shit out of him.  And I won't apologize. :D

And here he is all finished up, abs and all.  Plus I added a tie.  It amuses me to imagine that a) the ocean floor has office buildings and b) the mer-people working in these buildings go about their business naked except for one small concession to professionalism like a tie or maybe a wristwatch.

Here's a painting of a different kind of ocean humanoid, finished a little over a week ago.  I got to wondering why mermaids are always part fish rather than some other sea creature, and it suddenly struck me that a jellyfish "bell" looks kind of like those gothic lolita tutus the kids wear.  And so I painted this:

Funny story: when The Boy was taking reference photos of me for this one, he felt that I was being too stiff (that would be because I hate having my picture taken).  "You're a jellyfish!" he yelled at me.  "Swirl!  Swirl!"  So there are like forty pictures of me standing in the front hall in a corset while flailing my arms around over my head.  After all of that, I still ended up going with the pose I'd first pictured in my head - a sort of ballerina-ish "look at my pretty skirt" pose - but the version The Boy took after all the flailing did look much more relaxed and naural than the initial attempt, so all that swirling must have helped.

And finally, here's something completely different: Star Trek fan art!  I finished Pin-Up Spock ages ago and posted him on my Facebook page but totally forgot to show him off here on my blog:

I think my favourite part of this painting is the subtle little glimpse of Vulcan nutsack.  Either that, or the fact that I bulked up the arms and legs a tad from the original photo (which The Boy posed for) because I don't envision Spock being quite that slender.  Yeah, you read that right: The Boy is even thinner, somehow, than what you see here.  I'm gonna start calling him my Trophy Waif. 

FYI I was going to add the caption "This undergarment is highly illogical" to this painting but there wasn't room.  That's totally what this painting is about, though: sexy almost-naked Spock going "WTF?  This g-string gives me neither coverage nor support."

So...who wants me to paint the back view? :D

Oh, also, a few days ago I finished a painting of post-apocalyptic monsters falling in love.  But I haven't taken any pictures of that one yet so I'll save it for next time.

I hope you guys liked these paintings!  I'm actually hoping to make the Spock one part of a series...preferably a series of four, so I can easily convert it into sets of magnets or postcards.  But what should the other three paintings be?  More Spock?  Or each a different hot young Star Trek dude?  Tell me what you think in the comments, you lustful nerdlings, you!


  1. More Spock! These are amazing!

  2. If you're going to make a set, it's gotta be Spock, Kirk, Scotty and Uhura...