Friday, June 1, 2012

Totally TMI.

So, remember my sunburn from the last entry?

Yesterday I was lazing around in bed, Googling dumb crap on my laptop, and I noticed that the burned area on the right side of my chest looked and felt bumpy, like it had a zillion teeny-tiny blisters.  A few minutes later I absent-mindedly scratched an itch there...and a little edge of thin, white, dead skin peeled up.  Just a tiny, wispy little pull-tab.  Taunting me.  So naturally I had to see if I could pull off that entire patch of sunburn in one unbroken sheet.

I succeeded.

But I guess those tiny bumps were blisters, and the dead peeling layer of skin is what was sealing them in, 'cause when I peeled it off the skin underneath was wet.

You're welcome.

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