Saturday, February 11, 2012

Caturday: Hoomans Are Weerd.

See the top of Birch's head in that photo up there? That white patch with the little black spot in the middle?  That's his Kissing Bullseye - I smooch him there all the time.  He also has big dark spots on his back and butt that I enjoy pressing on while making different-pitched noises, as though he were a very abstract, jiggly piano.

I can't be the only one who does shit like this.  And because cats (probably?) have no conception at all of what they look like - let alone an understanding of the stupid little games humans play - there must be some very confused kitties out there.

"Why does everyone always poke my nose?"
"Why does everyone always tug my tail?"
"Why does everyone always make MOO sounds at me?"
"Why does everyone always tell me not to invade Poland?"
'Course, Birch's favourite sleeping position lately is cuddled up against me with his front paws stuffed in my mouth*, so I guess we all have our inscrutable compulsions.

*Okay, okay, I never actually let him put his paws in my mouth.  But every night, as I'm trying to fall asleep, he spoons up next to me and then flails repeatedly and insistently at my lower face.  I can only assume that his objective is oral penetration.  Or perhaps nasal penetration: on several occasions, his toe got hooked in my nostril and he stayed like that, purring like a bastard, until I manually disengaged him.


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  1. i thought it'd been awhile since i saw Birch's yawny-face pop up in google reader. hooray! (ps i adore the hitler cats- or, if i may- the 'kitlers') <3