Monday, February 13, 2012

Can you help me with some market research?

So, I may be selling my stuff in actual venues soon (like, places that are not online).  And I want to branch out into stuff like postcards or necklaces with my images on them.  But I only have the budget to try out a few designs at first and I'm not sure what to pick!
If you could do me a favour and leave a comment telling me which paintings from my Artfire store you'd most like to see as a postcard or a necklace, that would give me a great place to start!

Thanks. :)

Bacon slice original painting - blue - 4x6 inches
Many of my paintings are postcard-sized already!


  1. too many kisses kitty, and any of the sushis <3

  2. Excellent! Thank you, dahling. <3