Friday, September 7, 2012

$5 Custom Pet Portraits - get 'em while you can!!!

Response to my $5 digital pet portraits has been good so far!  I've made over $200, which is a hell of a lot of drawings.  I've loved every minute of it...but, I've discovered that these pet commissions take me longer than I'd initially predicted, so I'm basically making minimum wage at this.  Often less.

With this in mind, I have decided to bump up the price of the portraits...but not until October 1st.  Which means you still have THREE WEEKS to take advantage of a truly amazing deal: FIVE BUCKS for a CUSTOM, ONE OF A KIND piece of art made JUST FOR YOU!

Here are thumbnails of just some of the commissions I've done.  Seeing them all in a row like this really makes me feel like I've accomplished something!  

Also, I am now way more competent at rendering various fur textures and markings than I was at the beginning of this journey.  The price of the portraits may be going up, but the quality has been steadily going up, too, is what I'm saying.

In conclusion: if you've been thinking of ordering one or more portraits from me but have been hesitating for some reason, NOW is the time to order!  Do it while they're still just $5!  And please pass this info along to your friends, too! :)

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