Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In which I get philomosophical. About corn.

A friend and I were at a street festival where a booth was selling corn on the cob.  And we saw someone buy an ear of this corn and then get directly into their car and drive off.  And it occurred to me that corn on the cob is really not a good snack to try to eat while you drive.  Maybe that's why you don't really see people taking corn on the cob with them on road trips.

Orrrrrr, maybe this is a chicken/egg thing.  Maybe corn on the cob would be a popular on-the-go food if cars had someplace to put it when you weren't holding it.  Y'know?  Like a cup holder, only smaller and maybe angled inward.

"What's this slot in your dashboard for, bro?"

"Oh, that?  That's my corn hole."

Of course, as with cup holders, this aperture would probably become a repository for all kinds of random junk.

"I almost forgot, here's that comic book you lent me."

"I'm driving.  Just roll it up and stick it in my corn hole."

"But there's already a couple of half-eaten Slim Jims in there."

And you know at some point someone would get pulled over for erratic driving and it would turn out that they were rummaging in their corn hole for a Tic Tac or something and not properly watching the road.

Hmmm.  It's probably best that we don't promote corn on the cob as a travel snack.


  1. Not sure I would appreciate 1/2 eaten slim jim's in my corn hole...butt maybe if there were tic tacs to follow...

    1. It's the "half eaten" part that's the dealbreaker, isn't it? :D

  2. all of this makes me so happy.